Saturday, January 19, 2013

Amuse: Tumeric poached pear w/ lemon verbana bacon dust

This dust is probably the coolest things I've made this year and it keeps getting used on so many different dishes.  It started with a basic praline, adding bacon bits, and chilling in the freezer.  Once the praline was solid, I pulverized in a coffee grinder with some dried lemon verbena from our garden.  The mixture was then sifted and stored in a plastic container.

Smoked Buffalo Sausage, Rabbit Ravioli, Chevre Aebleskiver, Caramelized Root Vegetables, Red Wine Cherries, Pickled Mustard Seeds,

Here is our featured entree tonight at craftwood inn

Slow braised rabbit, parsley butter, mashed saffron turnips, grilled carrots, lemon verbena bacon dust, caraway almonds

Fried Bearnaise

Make Bearnaise, set with gelatin, chill, cut, bread, deep fry, amazing!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colorado Springs Local Micro Greens

I only purchase my micro greens from Dione at Naturescape Microgreens in Black Forest, CO.  For those who don't know, micro greens are simply the baby plants harvested early.  It kills me to see people only use them as a garnish or for color; they should have a purpose and add depth to a dish.  Her micro greens are some of the best that I've tasted around the country and she grows each container specifically to your request.  Every week I know that I can give her a call and get some amazing greens for the weekend.  The next time your eating at the Craftwood and you see some micro greens, remember that they were grown just for this plate.  #supportlocal

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lamb bellies, parsnips, blood orange, fried sage

Here is a cool technique that I used for a entree after questioning what could we do with lamb bellies and transglutaminate.  I took 5 lamb bellies that are normally extremely thin and glued them together overnight.  The meat was then browned and braised for 4 hours the next day at 250 degrees.  I pressed the warm lamb bellies in their natural jus under weighted pans to create an even level throughout the entire piece.  The lamb bellies were portioned and then browned crispy in a salamander before plating.