Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Function

Here is a reception menu that I've written for an upcoming function that will be focusing on some of the mainstream neighborhoods of Chicago at our new facility for about 250 people.

Wicker Park

Roasted Beets with Cambozola and Stone Ground Mustard Vinaigrette Spoons

Endive with Pancetta, Quail Egg, Avocado Puree

Deconstructed Potato Salad

Ice Chilled White Tomato Gazpacho


Bamboo Steamed Dim Sum - Pork Potstickers and Shumai

Chinese Stir Fry with Lo Mein Noodles, Assorted Vegetables, Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken Breast, Teriyaki Sauce, Red Chili Paste, Sesame Ginger

Little Italy

Deep Dish Pizza Tartlettes

Forks of Fresh Linguine Pasta with Hand Crushed Basil Pesto

Wooden Boards of Italian Cured Meats, Artisanal Cheeses, and Pickled Vegetables


Butter Poached Lobster Dogs on Bamboo

White Truffle Fries in Cones

Prime Rib Sliders with Roasted Tomato, Garlic Chips, Horseradish Crème

Bacon Parmesan Popcorn

Lakeshore Drive Clambake

Clambake filled Silver Dollar Rolls

Steamed Cherrystone Clams, Black Mussels, Walleye, Smoked Sausage

Fresh Corn, Baby Carrots, and Shallots

Gold Coast

Petite PB&J Cupcakes

Amaretto Tiramisu Shots

Strawberry Shortcakes

Coffee and Doughnuts

Hazelnut Chocolate Tortes

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chicago Deep Dish

After all the stress of packing, scheduling movers, final goodbyes, and relocating to the windy city; I'm back to begin a new chapter of my blog. I've been working downtown each day overlooking the fast pace of many day walkers in suits and tennis shoes, bridges rising and splitting for boats on the river, and a different type of mountain such as the Sears, Trump, and Hancock buildings. This is an amazing place and I'm happy to say that the locals aren't anywhere close to the street crime reputation they've been given. The cabs don't generously nudge you out of the cross-walks like in New York, the pan handlers actually take no for an answer, and the people are extremely friendly. Last night after many hours of apartment searching ($$$), we asked about of course the signature "deep dish pizza". We ended up at the famous Gino's for a pie and after the 45 minute cooking time, it arrived. A beautiful golden brown crust that wasn't too thick, airy underneath, and still carrying those favorite characteristics of doughy goodness underneath the tomato sauce. The sausage patty was handmade and had many hints of fennel and garlic. The cheese was stringy and every bite required you to wrap it around your fork (yes a fork and knife are required). I have to say that I'm very impressed with this style of pie and cannot say which version is my favorite. A slice of thin crust while walking down the streets of New York City or sitting down to a pie of deep dish in Chicago. Regardless, I'm happy to begin my culinary dining experience with this cherished local favorite. I'll make sure to keep everyone posted on what's next to come, maybe Rick Bayless or Graham Elliot (still need to hit the silver palm and get a 3 little pig sandwich.)