Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Calm before the storm

Knife fight secret ingredients - black mussels and globe artichokes

Lamb tongue taco on special

Smoked eggs Pork belly, beech mushrooms, caramel soy

Bass, cauliflower, olive, chorizo, butter

Beef cheeks with garlic chiive and arancini

Banana foie creme brûlée

Packed house on New Years

New Years Eve

Party was crazy and the food was amazing.  Guest chef Aran Rivera stopped through to throw down in the kitchen. Marley Gagg did an amazing job on the menu!!!!

Chefs can be artists

Local chef Shaggy McGee stopped by with this dope drawing, wish I had some of these drawing skills.  My notepad presentations would be sick.....

Colorado Springs knife fights!!!!

Its been crazy hosting these weekly knife fights at Street Eats the last few months.  It's amazing to find such talented people in a small community. Everyday we strive to keep learning and the knife fights allow so many conversations and introductions. Keep the battles coming ladies and gentleman!!!