Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome back????

With all the social media becoming part of our daily routine, it makes it tough to actually go back to blogging.  I know that most of you who actually read this are like really, what is twitter or instagram????   Well here we go and I promise to keep this thing updated until I get really busy in the kitchen or disregard the constant reminder that I need to not hold on to all my emotions.....So what has chef Brother Luck been up to in the last few months.  I've been working on some pretty cool pop up dinners around town that are baddass.  The last one was a Willy Wonka theme and I would really like to take a second crack at that one to enhance everything we tried on the first one.  Just rolled out a new menu at the Craftwood Inn for the summer season and I'm enjoying the responses from our guests....Who knew goat would be such a successful dish and boy do I like breaking them boys down with my new butcher knife.  Trying to figure out which direction my career will take me since I'm extremely tired of moving around the country and we've finally settled down back in our Colorado home.  My cooking classes have been on hold since I have no time to actually make them happen but my golf game is getting pretty good.  Interviewed for a really amazing position at a resort that I spent many years building the culinary program and realized that it wasn't meant to be. Working on some really cool stuff in the upcoming months but still not quite there to begin the gossiping.  The storybook dinner has been on the discussion table and I'm hoping to partner up with some local chefs and do some really amazing food. Oh yeah, I also applied for a cooking program that I had no intention of following through on until the man upstairs said "Do Work Son" (paraphrasing).....I guess until the next early morning rant, I will continue posting pictures of some of the food I've been creating for all those who still check this blog out.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease
Brother Luck