Thursday, November 27, 2008

Like Clockwork

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are enjoying the bountiful food displays and family gatherings around the world. I personally have been in the kitchen today serving everlasting portions of food to a large amount of people. We started with 1,100 people on the reservation list for our Thanksgiving Brunch and finished with 1,015. We cooked 85 turkeys, 25 new york striploins, 150# of salmon, and 200# of mashed potatoes. The best part of the day is the resort has been doing this brunch for so many years that it runs like clockwork. The toughest shift to work is from 4am-10am because number 1 it's way to early and second your getting ready for the brunch and cooking in an extremely cold kitchen (remember that it's Colorado in November and actually snowing right now). I'm glad that I didn't have to work the morning shift, instead I worked came in at 10am and will stay to make sure that it all gets closed down properly. I've worked in a few other hotels that did major holiday brunches with 1,500 people, but never worked in one that ran this organized. Since I've been here the past two years, I've really picked up some serious organizational skills to aid in executing a large party. I'm now sitting down enjoying a some nutmeg spiced pumpkin pie and molasses brined turkey that we worked on earlier this week. I hope that everyone is partaking in this joyous occasion and savoring the memories of all the goodness that food brings.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
Chef Brother


jmur007 said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, it sounds like you had a quite eventful day at the resort. We miss you guys, and hate living in New York, anywho, have a great holiday and remember to cheer for Oklahoma State this weekend hooah!!

zzwthngtn said...

You hit that nail directly on the head, like clockwork. I was just telling our banquet chef Marcos how organized and perfectly executed your brunches are especially on Holidays. I will have look into your blogs more often and see what else you have to praise about.

Andrew said...

Sure hope you saved me some????????

bpartoens said...

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