Thursday, August 11, 2011

Salt baked lamb shoulder

Here is a lamb shoulder that has been boned out, butterflied, and pounded thin. I've sprinkled the meat with activa, salt, and pepper before rolling and tying with butchers twine. The lamb is allowed to rest in the cooler overnight to activate the meat glue. I covered the lamb roulades with salt, egg whites, and spices to create a crust that would not only keep the moisture in there but also give the lamb shoulder a fragrance of coriander and lavender. The meat baked for 2 hours at 250 degrees before it was carved for service. The result was an amazing tender piece of lamb with a clean salt flavor on the outside and tender lamb on the inside. I was really impressed with how tender the lamb was after only two hours of slow roasting in the salt crust. The meat glue really allowed the roulade to stay in one piece when slicing instead of unwinding like a pinwheel.

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