Wednesday, August 27, 2008

James Beard House

I just got the confirmation letter today from the James Beard House inviting me to prepare a wine dinner in December. The dinner will consist of a reception with gourmet hors d'oeuvres and 6 course dinner with wine pairing for a cost of $165 per person. I will partake in this event with 4 other chefs from within the company I work for. This is the first time my property will be represented at this event and I will make sure I go all out. We have to write a menu in the next two weeks, so I will post it once that meeting is complete. I have been brainstorming various dishes and ideas since I found out I would be invited. Some of the items have been rabbit sausage with pistachio oil, lobster tail with white chocolate, and a yellow tomato marshmallow. I have no clue what's the theme or which course I will be responsible for, so I'm excited to talk with the other chefs and start brainstorming. . To cook at the James Beard house is a prestigious honor within the chef world and I have been awaiting this invitation since I was a teenager. James Beard was an icon for any chef in America and set the bar on what it meant to have passion for food. From the early 1940's until his passing in 1985 he was a pioneer for the american chef and set a standard that is still being upheld today. We will be preparing this magnificent dinner in New York City, NY on December 18, 2008. If you have any interest in his legacy or purchasing tickets, please visit his website . Our menu and bio's will be posted on the website after September 15th.

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