Friday, August 15, 2008

Root Beer Float

This is a dessert that one of my chef's and I came up with for a food and wine event. We wanted to do something simple but complex at the same time. A root beer float was suggested as a joke during this brainstorming session and I thought not a bad idea. We did some research on the history of root beer float and found out that it's origin is supposedly from Colorado. We played around trying to figure out how we could serve a root beer float to 500 ppl and came up with this. We made a root beer flavored cake with vanilla mousse on top and decorated with root beer candy. The sauce is a root beer syrup with some vanilla bean creme. My stomach still hurts from eating so much of this.


Andrew said...

May I get a dozen to go? Congratulations on earning your CEC.

Tim said...

i will never taste root beer the same again after all that cake and sugar.