Friday, October 9, 2009

Bacon Jam

I've been buried in the office lately working on the recipe cards for the upcoming menu and came to a halt at the recipe for "Bacon Jam". The "jam" will be served with ruby red trout and roasted potato medley. My only problem was that I hadn't created the recipe yet and needed to ensure the amounts were right. I decided to go to the kitchen and make the jam while writing down the ratios for my recipe to ensure consistency. The result was amazing and I had to fight the staff off to keep the remainder for making the actual entree this weekend. I'm very impressed with the results and wanted to share this dish with everyone since it's bacon and nothing tops a good bacon dish. Here is the recipe and enjoy:

Bacon Jam

1/2 cup Pancetta

2 Tbl Canola Oil

2 ea Yellow Onions

2 oz Pomegranate Concentrate

1 oz Worcestershire

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

To Taste Salt

Procedure: In a medium sized saute pan, render the bacon with the canola oil until crispy. Add the onions and cook on medium heat until caramelized. Add the remaining ingredients and reduce until liquid is almost gone. Allow to cool before serving.

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