Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lamb Shanks in Red Chile Mole and Potato Corn Hash

Here is the first draft of a new dish for the upcoming menu. The lamb shanks have been braised in a red chile mole sauce and served with a potato corn hash. The flavors are spot on when it comes to sweetness, spicy, and bitter. I am really a big advocate of slow cooking and love to show off this technique whenever possible. The mole was a blend of garlic, almonds, raisins, ancho chiles, chocolate, onion, tomato, and cinnamon. I simmered the mixture for an hour before adding the lamb shanks and braising until tender. As the lamb slowly cooked in the mole, the sauce itself reduced down and concentrated all the flavors. I will be shredding this batch and serving atop my last posting of "Manchego Cornmeal Biscuits" for the Signature Chef's event as a small bite. Overall, a success that truly captures the warmth of a dish on a cold day like now. It's starting to lightly snow and the temperature was a high of 37 degrees today, beautiful Colorado.

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