Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plating and spoons

I never really appreciated my own spoons until I worked with my last sous Perry. He was an intolerable cook that would go to war if you touched his spoons. I've always preferred them when plating as I hate ladles; but it wasn't until stepping back onto the line that I needed my own set. These are the 7 in my bag now and I'm still in search of a larger version with a rounded edge. Maybe its a order since nobody seems to carry them in town. I keep these bad boys sitting in sanitation solution next to my work area for tasting or plating all shift.  They are so valuble to my execution during service and I'm just as crazy as Perry now if someone reaches for them.  #randomthoughts #belovedspoons
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Stacey Kruczek said...

If Perry is reading this he is certainly smiling!!!

Geoff S. said...

Im sure you have found them by now, but JB Prince does carry a few sizes of some very nice spoons. They arent cheap but the get the job done nicely.