Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rethinking Bearnaise - A new dish in the works

A classic sauce consisting of a tarragon vinegar reduction, egg yolks, and clarified butter.  The technique is what really makes this sauce special as it takes time and repetition to master the emulsification.  Many questions come to mind when I consider the Bearnaise.  Why is this sauce so amazing on steak???  If black licorice is such a turnoff for so many people, why the constant request?  Is the richness the star or is it the flavor combination?  How can I enhance them all?  This led to me writing a new dish tonight called "Steak and Bearnaise" and I'm wondering how to interpret this classic pairing.  Where do I want to take it for the diner experience?  The first idea that pops in my mind is to make it a white Bearnaise?  I could torch a  tarragon infused meringue served with a soft boiled egg, brown butter powder, pickled shallots, and voila.  I think I need to hit the stove and start testing out my thoughts????     

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