Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The importance of an amenity is extremely huge in the hotel/resort business. A room amenity can really set the tone of your stay similar to the way an "amuse bouche" starts your meal. Here is a recent VIP cheese amenity that I put together for a guest. The platter has red wine aspic to really enhance the colors of the different cheeses. Aspic is really just a fancy word for "jello" and the technique of using it on a display was something my last mentor taught me. We placed four small pieces of cheese on the plate with a little garnish to accommodate their distinct flavors. The first is a creamy brie with a fresh raspberry, the second is peppercorn crusted goat cheese, the third is smoked cheddar with applewood bacon, and the final is Maytag bleu with candied walnuts. We serve the cheese with a martini of fruits and some "Fiji" water. When I worked for "Hyatt Hotels", I was always excited about the amenity I would receive when I walked into my room whenever I stayed at another property. Whether business or personal, they always went out of their way to make an employee (no matter the level) feel important. Recently, we have started to focus our attention making guests feel the same upon their arrival. Amenities can be a fun outlet for creativity and "WOW" factor when trying to impress someone.

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Jackie said...

That is so impressive. I love it when I check into a resort hotel or timeshare and there is an amenity sitting there.0