Saturday, February 28, 2009

Horchata (Almond Flavored Rice Drink)

Today I've been working on making 'Horchata" for a possible feature on the new menu. Horchata is very simple to make and takes about an hour to finish. I took 2 cups of long grain white rice and soaked it in 1 quart of water with a few cinnamon sticks. In a seperate bowl, I placed 1 cup of toasted almonds in 1 quart of water with a cup of sugar and allowed them both to soak for one hour. After the hour, they were blended and poured through a fine mesh screen. The drink was seasoned with some grated cinnamon, a ton of ice was added, and a little condensed milk to thicken the consistency slightly. When I was a kid growing up, I couldn't eat dairy so I would add horchata to my cereal in the morning since it was dairy free. Adding the condensed milk wasn't part of the recipe but it really enhanced the drink. I'm thinking of the ways that I can incorporate this into the menu and I'm thinking of a flan infused with horchata. I think the toasted almonds and rice would work really well as a custard with caramel base. Only problem is trying to keep the staff away from the gallon of horchata so we can actually start to experiment with it.

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La Traductora said...

Your recipe sounds great, but if you want it to be dairy-free, perhaps you should check out my blog. I think my horchata is great with or without milk. I can't wait to read the rest of your blog!