Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emerald Green Salad

Today, I had a tasting for an upcoming event called the furr ball which benefits the local humane society. Their theme is going to be the "Wizard of Paws" and required a menu inspired by the movie for each course. At first the idea seemed silly and we definitely had some laughs creating the menu. The chosen salad was based off the idea of the green color of the "Emerald City". I focused not only on enhancing the green colors in the dish but also the spring produce. The salad consists of asparagus, tarragon, frisee, spinach, kiwi, and cucumber with a kiwi vinaigrette. The salad was so refreshing and vibrant green that it was my pick from the start. It was amazing how well the asparagus brought all the flavors together. I'm never much of a salad person but felt like I was in the zone plating up these different themes. The other two salad were named "Talking Appletree Salad" which was a roasted chili apple stuffed with a bouquet of spring lettuce and "Poppy Field with Ruby Red Grapefruit".

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Jackie said...

Those salads are awesome. But, no surprise there!