Monday, September 14, 2009

Buffalo and Green Chile Pot Pies

While working on the new menu, I had the idea of doing a pot pie for an appetizer course. Pot pies are a classic American staple and the perfect comfort food when approaching the winter season. After going back and forth about how to make the shell, I decided on a basic profiterole (most people know them as cream puffs). I made the savory batter and baked off the airy little pastry pockets. Once they were cool, I filled them with some of the buffalo green chile mixture. The buffalo is ground and cooked with potatoes, corn, and poblano peppers in seasoned broth. After letting the staff taste this batch, I think that it's definitely a keeper for the new menu.


Anonymous said...

You didn't even call to let me come up and try...I see how it is! That sh%$ looks amazing...I will definitely have to come up and try when it is on the menu. Are we gonna team up for employee golf or already got an A-team? Keep the food and pictures coming chief! JD

Jackie said...

Nephew, that is definitely a keeper. Believe it or not, we can get buffalo meat at one of the grocery stores in our little town in SC. One day when your uncle is up to plane travel we will be there to try all of these amazing dishes! Love you!

the mom said...

I also have a local store that sells buffalo meat