Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carpaccio Wrapped Potato with Mushroom Essence

This dish was a recreation of Marcus Samuelson's idea in his Aquavit book . I was so blown away by this dish that I needed to try out the technique and experience it for myself. The beef is shaved extremely thin on plastic wrap and then a horseradish infused mashed potato is piped down the center. After wrapping the potatoes into a perfect roulade, we allowed it to freeze before slicing ensuring a perfect cut. The mushroom essence was morels and porcinis steeped in black tea with some chicken stock and red wine. It's reduce by 3/4 and it's completely concentrated. I was going to clarify the broth to go the consomme route, but felt that it wasn't the right season for the concept. Overall a beautiful dish that everyone was impressed by. The best part was how the essence was strong in flavor of mushroom, but when the horseradish potato mixed in the soup changed completely.

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