Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avocado Fries

This dish was inspired by my good friend Ben Henion ( who started playing around with the idea deep frying avocados in tempura. The avocados are sliced and dipped into a light batter before being deep fried until golden brown. I mixed some fresh limes with sour cream for the base, a simple pico de gallo went on next, then a really nice jalapeno syrup was drizzled around the plate ( I boiled 2 freshly sliced jalapenos in a equal mixture of sugar/water). The creaminess of the avocados surrounded by a very light crunchy batter really pops in flavor when combined with the spicy/sweet jalapeno syrup and tang of the pico. I'm thinking about submitting this recipe for an upcoming contest, all of the staff who were fortunate to try this stated that it was a winner in their books.

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