Saturday, May 22, 2010

Peach Tamale with Lime Ice Cream

One lesson that I strive to teach my staff is too continuously challenge the techniques and flavors of what you are preparing. Tamales are classically made with masa harina (corn flour), shortening or lard, and liquid. After spreading the dough into corn husks, it's rolled and steamed for approximately hour. For this preparation I cooked some grits in milk with a touch of cinnamon, honey, and toasted almond. After spooning the hot mixture into softened corn husks, I placed some caramelized peaches in the center and allowed them to chill in the cooler. Once the grits were completely cool they became solid resembling the same results as using a corn dough. A simple salsa of strawberries and mint are used to garnish with a scoop of lime ice cream.


Jose said...

Looks and sounds Delicious!
You continue to inspire me with your creativity Chef!

BHenion said...

Nice. The grits was a good idea. Sounds like a winner. Is that in place of empenadas?