Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smoked Chipotle Buffalo Sausage

Here is some ground buffalo meat that i decided to turn into a sausage for tonight's dinner. The ground meat was seasoned with chipotles, cumin, dried chiles, and fennel seeds.  I binded the mixture with activa and rolled tightly in plastic wrap overnight.  With activa, no casing are required.  The sausages were smoked over hickory wood chips until caramelized.

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One Sister Inc. said...

Excellent! I just did the same thing with blood sausage. I was making the blood sausage more traditionally and running it through a grinder when I had an intern with me to help me...Sometimes sausage is a two person job. However when I was alone I decided to experiment using the activa and rolling in plastic wrap. This way I got a more course texture not running through the machine which I liked cause you could really get the oats. But both are really nice. Without the casing it helps with pork restrictions...unless you use lamb casings. It's sounds delicious