Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three little pig sandwich - Bourdain was right...

This truly is one of the best sandwiches in our country. I've been talking about going to the silver palm restaurant in Chicago ever since I saw the clip of Bourdain chowing down on this sandwich on No Reservations a few years back.  My sous chef and I decided to finally go grab one on Friday and boy were we two pigs in a blanket. As soon as we sat down, the whole place smelled of slowly roasted bbq pork.  The actual sandwich is called the three little pigs because of its ingredients. A breaded pork tenderloin is topped with thick slices of baked ham, crispy bacon, a fried egg, onion ring, brioche bun, and melted gruyere. About half way through this monstrosity we hit a wall that laughed and started taunting us that were not capable of completing this journey. Finishing this sandwich no longer became a means of hunger after a few beers, but an accomplishment of finishing what the big bad wolf couldn't.  Now that I've actually had the sandwich, I will quickly recommend it to any pork lover searching for that memorable experience.

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