Friday, January 2, 2009

Eggs Benedict Ravioli

I just started to write the Valentines Day menus and decided that we should play around a little with some of the courses. I was reading the "Alinea" cookbook and became intrigued by his "Truffle Explosion" dish. I started thinking about the explosion of the egg yolk when you take that first bite into a poached egg. Now I started thinking about how to incorporate ravioli into the dish. I ended up making a pasta dough and filling the raviolis with a whole egg yolk. The "eggs benedict" ravioli is served with a toasted baguette, charred tomato, shaved proscuitto, olive powder, and truffle oil. The dish truly has the components of "Eggs Benedict" but looks nothing like what you see for brunch every Sunday. I'm thinking this would be a great starter that will start the dinner off with a smile.

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