Sunday, January 18, 2009

VIP Party

So we have booked this event for next month called the "Heart Ball' that is going to be a really big deal. It's purpose is to raise money for future research and education in dealing with heart disease and strokes. The event's theme is "Cirque Du Soleil" which will be incorporated throughout the entire night. We are having actual "Cirque Du Soleil" performers (there is a school in town where they train for Vegas) doing different types of acrobats throughout the night. The food is very important to this group and they had us go through a rigorous tasting as a deciding factor on choosing our property as the host. This will be the first year that they are not going to have this event at the "Broadmoor Hotel" and are expecting to be blown away. The menu I put together focused on the colors of "Cirque Du Soleil" and also capable of serving the 430 guests that will be attending the dinner. It's easy to come up with a creative dish, but extremely challenging to execute a creative dish for so many people at once. The first course will be a Red Wine Poached Pear Salad with Bleu Cheese Crumbled and Sherry Walnut Vinaigrette. When I was working on an entree for this event I decided that it had to be something that wouldn't dry out while plating and still had vibrant colors after transporting to the banquet room. The entree is going to a Brie Stuffed Chicken on Grilled Filet Mignon with Raspberry Syrup, Marbled Potato Puree, and Baby Vegetables. The dessert is called a "Three Ring Circus" and it's a tasting of three different types of desserts. Mocha Cheesecake, White Chocolate/Macadamia Cake, and Red Velvet Hearts. Each one of these items are creative in presentation and flavor but also simple enough to serve a large banquet. I've attached some pictures of the food from their tasting which included 9 different dish to choose from. We did a Deconstructed Caesar, Saffron Shrimp and Fig Glazed Beef, and Strawberry Chocolate Parfait with Mango.

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