Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amuse Bouche: Smoked Trout on Bagel Chip

Latest amuse bouche to hit the restaurant; Smoked Trout on Bagel Chip with Spicy Cream Cheese and Pickled Red Onion. This is truly a Colorado inspired snack that becomes a regular during the warm season for all the trout that will be caught in the local lakes higher up in the elevation. The trout is lightly smoked with hickory chips and then placed on a spicy cream cheese infused with chipotle peppers. The bagel chip is a fun touch that adds a great crunch and the small bursts of capers and cured red onion give the necessary balance needed to achieve a complete palate awakening. We also hosted the wine dinner at the country club last night to much success and I have some great food pictures for everyone that will be posted over the next few days. We totaled the night with 85 people whiles serving some phenomenal food and wine pairings. I'm looking forward to the next event and with the increase of attendees wouldn't be surprised if they become a frequent thing.

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