Sunday, April 11, 2010

Forest Mushroom Tostada

Here is the newest appetizer appearing on my upcoming menu; "Forest Mushroom Tostada". We have a beautiful medley of fresh wild mushrooms that are sauteed with chopped garlic, minced shallots, huitlacoche (corn truffle), grape tomatoes, and fresh cilantro. The aromatic mushrooms are tossed with crumbled Mexican cheese and stacked within the layers of crispy corn tortillas. A simple puree of cilantro and achiote oil are garnishing the plate. This dish is a great example of our Colorado Fusion cuisine which blends rocky mountain ingredients with a southwestern flare. The staff was really impressed with the sweet earthy flavors of the mushrooms and the salty enhancement of the cheese. Only 22 days left until our new spring menu is ready for everyone and I'm hard at work getting ready to start training my cooks and servers.

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