Monday, April 19, 2010

Buttermilk Frog Legs

Here is a picture and description from the first course of the wine dinner on Saturday. Crispy Frog Legs with Shaved Tart Apple, Lemon Essence, and White Balsamic Raisins. Frog legs are a simple thing to make and don't require much work. They are fairly cheap and can be found at most Asian markets. I soaked these bad boys in buttermilk and then tossed them in seasoned flour before deep frying until golden brown (350 degrees). The salad was a colorful medley of shaved apples, cilantro, carrots, black sesame seeds, and golden raisins that had been cooked in brown sugar and white balsamic. This was my favorite course of the night because it was such a conversation piece and I was able to show off my southern cooking influences. For anyone that hasn't tasted frog before, I would say it's like a cross between catfish and chicken.

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