Friday, July 9, 2010

Walleye / Chorizo Potatoes / Cucumber Jicama Salad

Earlier today I was inspired to cook off the menu when I went into the patio dining to say hello to a few guests. The gorgeous view of the mountains, fresh air, and sunny skies made me think of the beautiful walleyes I had in the cooler. One of the staff had just caught them and gave me a few to cook up for myself. The fish was so fresh and amazing that I felt obligated to share them with others who would appreciate some high quality food. The fish was cut into smaller fillets, pin bones removed, and lightly seared in whole butter. I roasted some purple and fingerling potatoes with shallots until golden brown. A quick salad of shaved cucumber and jicama garnished the dish giving it a refreshing finish. I drizzled some ancho chile cream around to enhance the spiciness of the chorizo and give the dish an extra touch of fat. I'm looking forward to actually getting out to the lake and catching some fish myself if I ever get the chance.

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BHenion said...

I hear you are quite the Ice fisherman. Is it time to try your hand at fly fishing?