Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Round: Colorado Goat Cheese "Twinkie"

Here is the first batch from experimenting with this cheese course. The cake is still a little off with the amount of air from the egg whites and I'm working on bringing it up another level. The lemon zest and dried lavender inside the cake are a perfect compliment to the whipped chevre. I use a paddle attachment and beat the chevre until completely soft which acts as a perfect cream filling. I made the molds by folding foil around a spice jar to resemble the twinkie. I also found out that Williams Sonoma sells a baking pan containing 1 dozen slots for twinkies. I'm thinking that I will make a trip to pick one up and really get that nice crust on the outside. I might also try leaving the egg whites out of the recipe and backing off some of the sugar.

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