Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From the Garden

My favorite part of the day is taking one of the cooks into the garden and letting them taste the true definition of fresh and local. Here are some of the first harvests from our resort garden that I picked yesterday. I went down to water the garden and couldn't resist the urge to pick some radishes that were popping out of the ground. The greens were vibrant and the bright red skin was begging me to pull them out of the dirt. The mixed lettuces were crowding each other and needed some thinning, so I cut off a few bundles and decided that it would be our amuse bouche for the evening in our restaurant. The radishes and lettuce were rinsed thoroughly and served with a simple lemon oil, cracked pepper, and a pinch of salt. It's amazing how buttery a radish taste right out the ground and finishes with an intense spiciness. The tomato plants are starting to fruit and the sweet 100's will be ready in another two weeks or so. The herbs are looking great and I officially have a new found respect for the clean intense flavor of dill. The alpine strawberry plants have little flowers all around them and will start turning into berries soon. Our peppers are starting to hang out the husks and grow into spicy fruits. I will get down there today to take some pictures of how the garden is progressing since we planted almost two months ago.

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