Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quail Lollipop with Gooseberry Compote

I had a few extra quails that I decided to turn into a small bite for our diners last night. One of my daily goals is to show one of my staff a new thing in the kitchen and quail lollipops happened to be the technique of the day. The quails were split into 6 pieces and each bone was Frenched and skewered through itself to give the impression of a lollipop. I cooked down some fresh golden gooseberries with brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, Riesling, and marjoram. The compote had an amazing flavor that worked well with any game bird. The quail lollipops were lightly browned in a pan and roasted for a few minutes. Fresh chives were sliced to garnish the plate.

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