Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buttered Popcorn Sorbet

Here is a sorbet course that I put together that truly created a conversation piece. The sorbet was a palate cleanser that became the talk of the night with comments of "it was amazing" or a questions of "why?". Instead of serving your traditional berry or mango sorbet, I made the decision to create a buttered popcorn sorbet. After melting freshly churned butter and toasted kernels of corn over high heat until they burst into the familiar movie style popcorn, I pureed them into a simple sugar solution and froze them into an ice cream maker with whipped egg whites to provide body. I really showcased the color and flavor by garnishing each scoop with locally grown popcorn shoots to compliment the sugar component of the sorbet. I thought this was a fun dish to provide a memory for the guests that night by serving them popcorn sorbet, maybe next time we will include a short movie clip in between the cheese course.

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