Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where does your product come from???

Miller Farms Amish Chicken and Neuskes Bacon are two ingredients that are currently being used in our kitchen. They are both great products and really give us a story to share with the guest when describing our dishes. Every Chef has recently talked about the green initiative or farm to table movement with clients, but how many chefs actually understand the work behind their products. My most memorable experience is killing a chicken to understand how to properly cook this animal whose life I've actually taken. I nurtured this roasted chicken beyond expectation to ensure it didn't die in vain by my hands. How many times does your staff burn a sauce or overcook a steak? This is a true smack in the face of the farmer, transporter, and distributor of that product. We've been striving to bring in quality ingredients to showcase a Michelin experience within a corporate conference center here in Chicago. Why Not??? As a chef, it's our responsibility to educate not only our guests but our staff. I've really enjoyed working in this new setting and understanding my role as a main component to the overall experience from the guests perspective.

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