Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meyer Lemons - What to do???

One of my favorite citrus fruits arrived this morning and I instantly began grinning from ear to ear. These sweet fragrant beauties have such thin skins and are very versatile for cooking. Meyer lemons add just the right touch when striving for that sweet lemon flavor. I cannot wait to decide what to do with these but I can ensure you that we will be zesting, juicing, and preserving in the near future. I've actually found a random article in the LA Times archive titled "100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon". Number one is make Meyer Lemonade and that sounds like a good start.

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where can I buy meyer lemons said...

Do you have a recommendation for a Meyer lemon recipe book? Every year we go to a potluck dinner where every dish has to have Meyer lemon in it. I've run out of creative ideas and thought you might suggest a Meyer lemon recipe book.

Beverly Ann