Sunday, January 23, 2011


How versatile this recipe is and how many cooks fail to realize it's potential. Pate a choux is a french dough that can be turned into a multitude of favorite dishes. Pate a choux is creme puffs, cheese gougeres, churros, profiteroles, and my recent favorite; Parisian gnocchi. This dough is simply boiling water and mixing in flour and eggs. The Parisian gnocchi requires the cook the create the pate a choux dough and add herbs/Dijon/Parmesan. The gnocchi is blanched and seared in a hot fat to create the most luxurious gnocchi ever experienced without any potatoes. My sous chef Perry made this dish and it's by far one of my favorites right now. I would encourage any cook to master the Pate a Choux recipe and investigate the many ways of cooking this versatile recipe.

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One Sister Inc. said...

Nice blog chef. I love this dough too! I recently infused one with dehydrated corn tortilla that I pulverized and after baked, smoothered with a grafton cheddar. It was delish!